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Affordable Technical Problems Solved Locally.

TechRescue Sevices offers an array of Business Technology Services designed to lower your cost of network ownership, save you money, increase your company’s communication, productivity and morale, and help your business make more money. All that from a team of highly trained service computer technicians who truly care about helping your company grow.

Web Design That Matches Your Budget

As time goes on, fewer Internet users are content to scroll, zoom, and wait around for websites to load on smartphones and tablets. If your website doesn't automatically scale to appear properly on mobile devices, you could be missing out on valuable leads and sales.

TechRescue Services offers direct pricing for all our web design, internet marketing, and graphic design services. More times than not, our services are customized to meet a client's needs, which means the prices can slightly change depending on features added, or removed.


With a creative director, designer, developer and writer devoted completely to your project, our team can create a high quality website for you in just one day! We developed a proprietary process to streamline website design. Think of the opportunity cost of having to go back and forth for months with a web developer! With an investment of just $559.95 and one business day of your time, you will have a professional website with new content after just one day of working with our team. How much is your time worth?

Virus Removal

Viruses are the biggest threat to your computer and your personal information. There are viruses designed to be annoying, causing programs not to work and there are those that their purpose is to get something from you.

We use several different techniques and programs to remove viruses from your computer.


Let us handle your business or home network installation, configuration and maintenance.

Our network professionals will have you connected in no time.


Computers begin to run slow for many reasons: viruses, programs that don’t uninstall correctly, there are files that are no longer associated with a program, or just conflicting programs.

We will remove the programs  that are causing your system to run slow and get you back to the way it once was.


Need to buy a new computer or need one repaired?

We can build custom computers and also have a selection of refurbished computers available.

Diagnostics and estimates are always FREE. Once we determine the cause of your computer's issue, we call you with a quote. If we can't fix it there is no charge.

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No Hidden Charges Ever!

From start to finish TechRescue Services provides all billing issues up front with no hidden charges or unknown confusing fees.

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24 Hour Services  Available

Whether your working in an office building or relaxing at home. We provide 24 hours emergency computer repair and data recovery options. Unlike other emergency disaster services Mirmac Technical Solutions provides affordable 24 hour computer repair services.


At TechRescue Services, we offer prepaid agreements which we call Block Time. Many customers of ours choose to sign up for prepaid Block Time to save money off our normal rates and to have a technician on call when they need it.

We offer even deeper discounts for prepaid agreements in larger amounts if requested. This is for customers who prefer to spread out the payments of your Block Time! No expiration date on the time that is purchased and no obligation to renew when it is time to renew the contract. We want to earn your business and we also want your time to last as long as possible.

We always attempt to provide emergency service to all of our customers in a situation like this, but prepaid block time assures you that your needs will be placed at the top in high volume times.

Remote $39.99

Residential Onsite $49.99

Small Business $69.99

Enterprise $149.99

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

By concentrating on the individual requirements of our customers we are able to provide affordable solutions. We combine our exceptional capabilities in customer care with advanced technologies and innovations.

Experience Matters

Our IT Support and Remote Desktop Technicians are intelligent, motivated, and innovative self-starters. Together, we are committed to constant collaboration in order to bring greater value to one another and, most importantly, to our customers.

About Us

We care about our customers and our team enviroment. Our can-do attitude allows us to anticipate the best possible outcome in every situation.

Our determination to act and solve issues immediately is our core foundation. It is our belief that sense of urgency and client satisfaction form a unique bond.